777-200ER vs. 777-200LR in the new update

Everyone knows that the 777-200LR will come in the new update, but I was wondering if the new 777-200LR will be a different airplane from the 777-200ER that is already is in IF.

Just because I just bought myself the 777-200ER and I want to know if I will get all the liveries for the 777-200LR.

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It will be a different aircraft


Hello @nicochile2 and welcome aboard! Obviously both planes will be different in physical characteristics. In the liveries, well, the devs can’t gather all the liveries of the world, but they will do it every update.

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I can’t understand why, they look the same, or practically the same aren’t they?

What I mean by livery is the 777-200LR ones

Read this please, the developers will get the many liveries as they can.

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No the LR has raked wingtips, increased fuel capacity and stronger landing gear while the ER doesn’t

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Yes I know, I thought you understood all the liveries in the world, but what I really mean is all of the liveries FDS posted on Facebook, instagram, etc. for the 777-200LR

They will be there in that case sorry if I misunderstood your concern :)

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But apart from the wingtips, it looks the same + for example, the 767 has a model with and without winglets depending on the live used (Lan: winglets, Qantas: no winglets)

What’s the point of all that if fuel burn doesn’t exist, and landings don’t depend on how strong the landing gear is?

ikr, it is kind of unfair, because they look almost the same and they will be adding another aircraft, that you will need to pay 5 more dollars to fly, and its almost the same as what we already have

It’s not about how it looks, but rather how they fly.

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The only big differences are the liveries, and a little difference in how they fly. Once fuel burn is implemented, that should put a HUGE difference on all Infinite Flight aircraft.

They fly absolutely the same

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I was stating the differences IRL not just in IF and when they add full burn it’ll matter;)

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How would you know? Anyway, the LR carries more fuel. It has a longer range. It is classified as a different aircraft. This will carry over into IF.

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Eh, I think they would fly a little different since they’ve probably updated physics.

That’s because those winglets were retrofitted

Can we stop this arguing? They are completely different in physics and in features, the fuel burn and the rest of the other fancy things that we want will come in some day…

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