777-200ER takeoff issues

That is weird and I am 80% sure that it is an app error or any type of calibration or manuever.

If you rotate at 160kts in that condition (all those settings and using flaps 5)
You should leave the ground at approx. 178kts.

I recreated that event and I had no problem. Maybe I should have applied flaps 15 so we are V2 a bit quicker, I didn’t have much runway left and I was in 09R of LFPG.

Good luck

It also depends where all your cargo is. If all your weight is in the front your gonna fight the nose and end up going too far thus creating the jerky movements. Look at how your weight is configured, the actual weight itself, then configure your aircraft in such a way. Certain weight settings you may need flap 15 with +56% trim in order to get off the ground.

My front and back cargo is synchronised.

My takeoff skills became better.

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