777-200ER takeoff issues

Are you saying that your rotation (upon your input) nothing happened, then it flicked up instantly?

Whenever I pilot my one of my definite favorites, the 777;), whenever I spawn at an airport I wanna be causal at. I have the same issue with what your having to, so I can relate to this problem in many ways.

Yes, something happened but it wasn’t sensitive enough, afterwards it flicked up instantly with the same input amount.

I have different thoughts about what you guys are saying. It depends when your rotating but sometimes that could occur, too.

I’ve changed to Aeromexico 787-8 and found the aircraft easier to control than the 777-200ER. It doesn’t have the same problem. However, for the 787 I used flaps 20, trim 8%, 93% N1, same weight configurations low cargo and pasengers full fuel.

I think I’m addicted to flying the 787-8.

A while ago, I was addicted to flying the Dreamliner and admiring it last year, lol:). This year not so much, the smooth, aerodynamic, and beautiful features of the Dreamliner never appealed to me anymore. :(

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That’s somewhat agreeable, apart from the high aoa during cruise.

Sad thing that I ditched the plan of using the 777-200ER for this flight, I just can’t get over this problem and I don’t want to spend so much time taking off again and again. Did uncountable takeoff tries with 777, used different trim and flaps like what others have mentioned, but I still prefer the 787-8.

Thanks for all the help guys!

Your are certainly welcome!!

I flew the Areomexico 787-8 from KSEA to MMMX and it was absolutely one of THE BEST 787 flights I EVER had…you could try it if you would want to;);)I also changed my pfp during the activity of this post lolsorry about the controls, you could request it to be photoshoped out, I don’t how to do that

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Takeoff flaps are generally 10-15 degrees, 20 degree flaps are never used during takeoff. Also, I think 75% or 80% throttle is more ideal.

The 777 family needs a trim of 30-35% based on your weight. Your Vr with flaps 15 should have been 154. The 772 model is not as sensitive to input as the other 777 models so you have to pull back a little harder.

And under no circumstances should you have been taking off with 100% N1 unless you were in high altitude with high heat. 93% N1 is sufficient for that weight.

The reason it pitched up so quick was because of the high thrust you had which increased your speed too high. In fact you were also pitching to shallow. Initial lift off (first body wheel off ground) is 5° but as you gain more clearance you will be pitching up to around 12°. That isnt 12° AoA as that your pitch does not equal AoA.

Center of Gravity would not be the issue here. His CoG is evenly distributed if he uses IF’s synched weight.

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I think out of anyone I’d listen to the guy that flys the triple 7 for a living. Just saying.


Your suggestion worked best! But my AoA had to be about 10 degrees or so to be airborne, I guess that’s normal

I feel this is mostly done, but I want to just say a few things. Your takeoff AoA (on most planes, especially heavies) should be fairly close to your tailstrike attitude during a moderately-sped, constant rotation - no need to be going any faster if your plane can get off the ground. Flaps 20 is not a takeoff setting on any aircraft. I use flaps 5 for almost all my 772 flights. The 787-9/10 does 18 degrees in real life, but since that isn’t in the game, that is the only plane I would use flaps 20 on - ONLY if absolutely necessary. Takeoffs are about meeting minimum requirements, not maximums ;). Use flaps to compliment your thrust usage - the more flaps, the less power - and find your balance. I’m no pilot in real life (yet), but these are generally the rules I fly by. Apologies for the long message. Happy flying everyone! Oh yeah, and Flaps 25 is a short runway takeoff setting for the 737, 747 uses flaps 20 standard, and MD-11 can use 28 lol.

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High weight + high positive trim + high sensitivity = better control.

Lower sensitivity with more weight will result in jerky movements.

Aswell make sure proper trim is applied, along with proper flap config for your weight. Most aircraft go with 15-20% positive trim at minimum.

Even with my sensitivity at max, i still get smooth controls.

That is quite normal. A slow smooth rotation rate at about 3 degrees per second upto 10 degrees is the standard rotation technique in a 777. Once airborne use the pitch to control the speed as you clean up.

Sounds like you forgot to apply flaps tbh xD

Everyone here is either criticising your flying skills or settings… Have you tested your device? Used different aircraft to see if you can reproduce the issue consistently?

I don’t think anyone is critisising, offering alternatives maybe but certainly not critisising, not by myself anyway.

Its all a learning process. :D

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