777-200ER takeoff issues

My 777-200ER is fully loaded with fuel, has 15 passengers and carries around 2000kg of cargo. It wasn’t above MTOW and was still within the >MLW range. I set trim to 15% and took off with 100% N1. I rotated at 160 kts. When I tilt my device to pitch up, it looks like I’ve not applied enough pitch controls to lift the nose of the aircraft (in other words, the controls sensitivity are low). However, this isn’t the case and as soon as the angle of attack is more than 5 degrees, at the same pitch position meaning I didn’t tilt my device further the controls suddenly became very responsive and my aircraft rotated fast, almost got a tailstrike. I’d calibrated my device prior to takeoff and I can’t record the takeoff as I don’t have a suitable app so try your best to understand what I’m talking about.

Please help me as I plan to do a flight with AF 777-200ER from Reunion Island and I want the flight to be as realistic as possible.


Well 15% is way to much as it should be like 5% or 6% at the most.

Do a exit out the game and then restart the sim again

Then Try,

Also go to settings>General>Control Sensitivity> Normal or Low… this will make your controls less sensitivity as you may not have had enough speed yet so then when you did have enough speed to maneuver it was very sensitive

Also you may have stalled the aircraft fully load with that amount of trim causing quick movements to happen and not related do your device sensitivity so also try the same thing just rotate when a little faster

If that doesnt work then tell me and we can try something else


I tried with 0% trim, same thing happened rotated at 160 kts still the same issue aircraft sensitivity becomes high when AOA is above 5 degrees.

The diff is that I found 0% trim harder to pitch up than 15% trim.


For starters, if you are going for realism, you shouldn’t be using 100% N1, but that isn’t what this is talking about. Pull back gently with anywhere between 3% and 8% trim depending on your weight (it’s rarely always a set number). If it doesn’t pull back, don’t try harder, just keep pulling back slowly until it happens. The 772 has plenty of room so tailstrikes are really hard and I honestly have no idea how you did that with a 160kt rotation. But yeah, just don’t overreact and once the nose is in the air you can do a little more in terms of adjustments as you know how it behaves


It sounds like you are too light with only 15 passengers and only 2000kg of cargo on board as soon as you become unstuck from the runway you will rocket up!

Suggest using simbrief.com to generate your flight plans, this also tells you how much cargo and passengers to load for a realistic fligh!

Have also moved this to general as support is for technical issues with the app rather than flying issues.


But I have fully loaded fuel, my aircraft load is 97%.

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Yes but what about your CoG? (Centre of Gravity). If light on passengers and cargo but heavy on fuel this will be an issue. Try using simbrief to not only work out your flight plan, but also your correct load parameters then give it another trial. I have only had issues like you describe when I have mis loadedthe aircraft or am very light.


But I want to fly from FMEE to MMMX which needs about 20 hours of fuel. I don’t want to overload my aircraft with passengers and cargo as they’re unecessary loads labelled as ‘passengers’ and ‘fuel’ in IF, is SimBrief able to compute such flights?

Yes that’s exactly what simbrief is good for!

You mentioned that you want to keep things realistic, have you checked flightaware to see if there is a real flight ?

https://fpltoif.com/ is also good as it’s designed specifically for IF, which swaps GPS coordinates if the waypoint is not in Infinite Flight. It also has many other features you should check out :)

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No…realistic in terms of flying like taking off, landing and cruising like irl aircraft.

What is the degree of your flaps?

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20 degrees.

You said your airplane load is 97% percent.
Do these jobs as below:
1- Set your flaps to 15
2- trim 30%
3- N1 90%
4- rotate when reach to 170knots airspeed.

Definitely your plane will have a beautiful and smooth takeoff.


I’ll try. Why do you recommend 15 instead if 20?

Yes for take off flaps a B777 uses either a 5 or 15 for take off. using 20 would also cause it leap for the sky.

Manuals of this aircraft recommend flaps 15 for heavy conditions and 5 for low weight

I have never used F20 in a 200 series for take-off!!! Perhaps in a VERY heavy 300 series out of Hong Kong but never in the 200!

I can’t relate the trim position of the game to the real life trim position but I would normally expect a trim in the range of 3-7% in the real aircraft.

Your loading is very light as well. I’ve taken off with full fuel, 10 tonnes + of cargo and full passengers. MTOW is pretty high on these beasties! Near to MTOW you will need F15 otherwise stick with F5.

Depending on your TODA (3000m +) look for F5, 90% N1 and a rotation at around 160kts. It will get airborne!



Suggest that you use a combination of simbrief and fpltoif.com for your planning. HAving just entered you route in we can get the folowing :

FMEE 2029S/5527E 2046S/5460E 2043S/5447E UNKIK TIGUR 1857S/4814E TNV 1832S/4630E TIDAL GADNO 1655S/4022E 1643S/3931E 1634S/3853E 1629S/3830E 1625S/3809E 1559S/3612E MELNA VCL MIROS 1537S/3339E 1535S/3259E 1534S/3242E 1532S/3144E ANVUS KEPOK VLS 1448S/2447E EGSUD VUE 1006S/1602E VOTAL VNA OPAPO 500S/800E TERBA GAPOX 000S/100W 024N/142W 042N/212W RASAD 258N/723W TUROT 700N/2000W DELAX 1000N/3000W POKSI 1300N/4000W 1500N/5000W 1700N/6000W COY SNOOZ HAKVO VEDAS TUUNA MIGHT JOSHE MAZ ZADAV MELLA POBEP DARSI ALEVI VODEL PIRON 1804N/7004W MOGAM DCR 1756N/7157W KOBEX SASON 1756N/7647W KESPA TALOS DUPAK GCM MAMBI NAPRA MITOL DUKTA DANUL AVSEB CZM CZA ALPOM 2019N/9203W KONLA 1951N/9344W OMPAN VER 1923N/9828W MEX 1946N/9917W 1950N/9917W 1951N/9914W D303J SLM 1938N/9857W MMMX

Airport Code FMEE MMMX
Elevation 66 7316
Planned Runway 14 05R
Weather FMEE 141200Z AUTO 10016KT 9999 BKN066/// OVC080/// ///TCU 25/21 Q1014 TEMPO 4000 SHRA FEW018CB BKN040 MMMX 141150Z 28006KT 3SM -RA BR BKN010 OVC020 05/03 A3040 NOSIG RMK SLP178 52001 917 60155 8/5// TWR VSBY RA INTMNT
Aircraft B777-200LR
Flight Level 28000
Plan Distance 9627
Flight Time 20:42
Block Fuel 162613 kgs
Climb Profile 250/310/84
Descent Profile 84/310/250

Passengers 262

Cargo Weight 0 kgs

using the above websites will also guide you on your step climbs from FL280 / 300 / 320 / 340 / 340 / 360 / 380 / 400

looks a long flight