777-200er LNAV weaving issue

You will notice the autopilot weaves - i.e banks left and right even when fully established on a heading, on LNAV mode. I seems fine on heading select mode.

This has been happening with the P&W engines variants and I haven’t had time yet to test it with the other engine variants

Please, test it out with your flight plan and see what you think.

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What were the weights for the aircraft? How about speeds flown ( mach number) and altitude? Could be too heavy or slow causing the oscillations. I’ve never had any issues with the 777 in cruise, so this is interesting.

I’ve been having the same issue yesterday and today - wind isn’t extreme, aircraft isn’t heavy and speed isn’t low so not sure why its unstable - pretty annoying

Aircraft - B777-200ER AA Oneworld Livery

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I’ve been having the same issue as well! Changes in speed, altitude, weight, and engines had no effect on the outcome. I tested the -300ER but it flies just fine - forgot to try with the -200LR.

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Just here doing a flight in the 777 200er. And the LNAV keeps swaying the aircraft left and right very slowly

Yep it’s happening me here to will it be fixed soon ?

Does it happen with the 300ER to ?

Having the exact same problem with the 747-400


Hopefully this issue will be fixed very soon

Can you confirm this is still happening on the very latest hotfix?

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Thats odd, I flew it yesterday and had absolutely 0 issue, must be something on your end.

Don´t think so, was flying in a group flight and another guy was also flying the 747-400 and he had the exact same issue. Have you flown in Multiplayer? Cause I also tried to replicate the issue in singleplayer, but everything was fine there…

Yep, I flew both the 747-8 and the 747-400 yesterday, VHHX-RCTP on the 744 and KONT-PHNL on the 748.

Yeah it is, the 777-200ER that is

Very strange…

Very, flying the 757-200 currently, havenʻt had any issues.

Negative. Flew the 777-200ER last night without any issues. Also just tested the 747-400 and the problem is not occuring anymore. Current Version: 23.3.2 (6109)

Can you post a video with the about page version + the issue happening?

Oh, I didnt have the issue, just saying that i flew two different types of the 747 yesterday and didn’t have it

I still had the same issue

Yeah I flew the 777 200ER 2 days ago and I experienced the LNAV weaving issue.