777-200ER KSFO Glitching through the ground


So I was preparing to do a long haul, and as I was taxiing to 28L at San Francisco (KSFO), I fell through the ground. I thought it was something minor, and that probably wouldn’t happen again if I tried respawning. After taxiing through the same section of taxiway, I fell through the ground again. A third attempt did not yield a better result. I saw other aircrafts taxiing through the glitched area without problem, so maybe it’s a glitch with the 777-200ER? Idk. Screenshots of proof are below.

Guy In The Sky (Bradley)


This is an issue with your scenery cache. Please try clearing your scenery cache via settings, and then restart your app, making sure to clear it from the background.


Fixed. Thanks for the help!

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