777-200ER fuel glitch

I noticed the fuel flow for the 777-200ER in the 20.1 version shows over 20,000kg/hr of fuel flow at N1 109%. Additionally, under fuel used, it would say 70,000 kg used for just 5 mins of flight time. This is the case with other Boeing aircraft like the 747 consuming at a rate of 33,000 kg/hr.

I tried the A350, and it showed ~9000kg/hr, which is at times a third of other aircraft. I tested all with the same variables - all on the runway rolling for takeoff. This is where I first noticed the large difference between A350 and 777

Does anyone know if it supposed to be this high?


Did you check the fuel flow at the same point in flight? You obviously will use more during these phases such as takeoff so I’m wondering if ghosts the cause. Get up to cruise alt and see what it’s at


You’re not at cruising altitude yet. Once your there, the fuel flow will adjust itself

Using full power at a very low altitude will use lots of fuel. Like the others said, once at higher altitudes and normal power settings, the fuel flow will normalize.

Isn’t the fuel flow the amount of fuel consumed by the engines - which is determined by N1 and trust settings not altitude


Thank for the reply. I tried going to cruise but on the way up I noticed another issue, fuel used wasn’t correct either…it stayed at 0.

Fuel flow is determined by thrust setting and altitude, take this example:

A plane flying with 95% N1 at 10000 feet will use more fuel than the same plane flying with 95% N1 at 20000 feet.

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In that case I recommend you restart you device and see if that fixes it.

Are you in solo or live? Because once you adjust the fuel mid light in solo it resets.

He’s in solo

You are going to get that high of a fuel burn with 100% thrust. Bornal cruise is like 85%N1 and that’s going to be between 4000-7000 depending on weight

You shouldn’t be using 100% thrust for the complete duration of flight. After takeoff, you should lower your thrust setting and climb at a reasonable VS around 2400FPM.

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I was using 100% just to compare with other aircraft. To keep one variable the same when comparing

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