777-200ER From Amsterdam to Miami!

Hello! This is my first topic, (I’ve been here so long, it’s about time.) and my first successful flight in the freshly reworked 777-200ER. The scenery was beautiful, and I had loads of fun doing this route.

Flight Info
Server: Expert
Aircraft: American Airlines 777-200ER
Flight Time: 10:43
Callsign: American 163 Super (Why didn’t I do heavy…)
Departure Airport: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol -EHAM
Arrival Airport: Miami International Airport -KMIA

  1. Loading up passengers, cargo, and catering.
  2. Taxiing to runway 09.
  3. Takeoff from Amsterdam!
  4. Cruising over the Atlantic Ocean.
  5. The first land we’ve seen in a while. Hello Canada!
  6. The east coast sure is pretty!
  7. Final decent into Miami!
  8. Runway in sight!
  9. Final Approach.
  10. Butter.

Thank you for reading! Be sure to reply with any suggestions if you have them!


pictures right at touchdown are so cool! great flicks such a fun route too!

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Nice photos!

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That’s my kind of dark. Lol they gotta get that fixed.

Great pictures! I think I’ll have to do this flight.

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They are some lovely pictures, great landing :)

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Yeah, I seriously recommend it.

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Yeah, touchdown pictures are some of the best.


i love all the pics and if ya tell me i can pick one i can’t answer!!!

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