777-200ER fanblades are solid in 787 cockpit

Hey, a little bug report here:

When I was inbound to Tokyo this morning I noticed only when in the cockpit if a 787 (so far) have I noticed that the fanblades to the 777-200ER can be seen through the aircraft. This is only been seen on the Japan Airlines variant so far, and am currently attempting to recreate the scenario with multiple different liveries by gathering a few friends.

I haven’t looked at any other variants yet.

Flight Details

Aircraft: British Airways 787-9
Aircraft bug was seen on: Japan Airlines 777-200ER
Issue: Engine fanblades can be seen through aircraft in 787 cockpit.

Device: Samsung Galaxy A70
Infinite Flight Version: 20.1
Android Version: 9

It’s a known issue; thanks for the report.