777-200ER fan spinner transparent/fan blades appearing over fan spinner

Disclaimer: I know that this issue is similar to an already known one (777 weird fan blades), but I’ve not seen a topic reporting specifically the one I encountered

Yesterday I was preparing for a long haul with the AA (chrome livery) 772 and when I looked at the engine through the “Right Wing” camera, I noticed that the fan spinner was missing.

Later, I looked at the engines by the “Normal” camera and noticed that the fan spinner was there, but that the fan blades are appearing over it.

It only happens when the engines are off/turning on/shutting down.

Has anyone encountered this issue before or was it reported during 21.1 open beta? (I might not have seen it)
If it wasn’t reported until now, does any staff know if this was a “one time” bug or will it happen every time?


This is a known issue we’re currently looking into :)


I hadn’t seen anyone reporting it before so that’s why I created this topic

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