777-200ER Descent

Hi, every time I’m descending in the 777-200ER and I reach 8,000 feet at 1200FPM it starts gaining speed. I have the throttle idle and I always end up ending the flight. my most recent flight I was descending at 200 IAS. HELP!!!

On larger aircraft it is advised to get to 10,000, level off to slow down some and then descend again with spoilers on. The larger the aircraft the easier it is to pick up speed with even slight negative VS.


But I flew the 777-300ER, 747-8, A380, and 787 and I leveled off at 11,000 and then to 4,000 with no spoilers. So is this just the 777-200ER and LR

As suggested above by Chris, use flight spoilers. I use them in decent with the 777 since it retains speed so well.

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Ok, thank you @Yacht . you’ve solved it @Chris_S

Go to 10100, slow down to about 200 and drop - I typically do that.

The B777 is a slippery beast! You need a to manage your descent profile even more than some other heavy do!

First of all set your TOD far enough out. FL/3 is good to remember ( 370/3 = 123nn) then you need to add in some extra miles to slow down from your IAS at cruise to your landing speed. So as a rough guide start decent about 150nm from the runway.

Next set your speed to M0,69 /260 kts for the first part of descending, down to FL120. Use combination of your VS and spoilers to maintain that IAS.

At FL120 set your speed to 240kts and again use combination of VS and spoilers are o maintain that, with further speed reductions and flaps etc as you get closer to landing.

Happy landings.

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