777-200ER/777-200LR , tell me what is the different ?(ASK)

i dont know why!so many people exciting to waiting 777-200LR , but for me its look like normaly update , cause why ? i think nothing different between 777-200ER with 700-200LR , even the aircraft body and model . then i guess take off and landing procedure is same both of them . so no something new for me.
its different when updates come for dash-8, A320 etc . we have several aircraft need to update like 787,bombardier,717 better you fix our old aircraft than you released 777-200LR .


Raked wing tips. Small difference=easier to make.
Just add the wing tips.


I doubt it will be any different to the current 777’s we have in IF apart from the updated Physics and a few new liveries

I don’t see the point in adding it tbh when we have a heap of 777’s as it is


I know some people said “this is the best update ever” ? um, what? The B777-200LR is maybe a little bit different. The 787 would be much better


772ER extended range
772LR Long range
772LR have longer range

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But in a way we already have the 77L as the 77F is the 77L but a cargo version.

Because there are new livery for the aircrafts and some new aircrafts too :D

  • Raked Wingtips
  • Longer Range than 200-ER
  • Increased Fuel Tank Capacity

Though B77L livery isn’t as many as other B777 variants. But It’s still nice to see this variant. Especially with some good-looking liveries (Air Canada, Ethiopian, Delta).

B77L and B77F actually shares the same variant. Though B77L is the passenger version


This is why it’s going to be added:

I didn’t personally expect it but it’s great to see FDS listening to the community’s requests!


Longer range
Increaused Fuel
We don’t have that in Infinite Flight

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I’ve never seen a post about adding the B777-200LR untill it got confirmed…

I think it has more to do with global flight then that… long range?

longer range
increase fuel
this 2 will not effect for us , cause we dont have this features

then even me im not see people req 777-200LR

then if they will add range feautres , they muss add fuel features

Every plan can fly infinitely

Nope, it’s on the comments of a picture of the Ethiopian 777-200LR.

@InfiniteFlightPlays there has been many posts confirming liveries mind?

Yes, but think about it, all of a sudden devs are working on larger aircraft 777, 787.

The request thing

I don’t understand why people are complaining, be happy that you are getting new aircraft!


The 777-200ER is an advanced variant of the 777-200, the plane has more capacity of fuel so it can go further than the original variant and some other improvements. The 777-200LR is a variant that can go much further than the rest of the existing planes in the world, more fuel capacity, raked wingtips and other improvements. The airframe was used to develop the 777F, just they put apart the windows, modifying the fuselage to put the side door and the interior to accomodate the freight. Those are differences, the fact is that people want more planes and more liveries, I don’t see the point of the whinning, if you don’t like it, just don’t buy it, if it doens’t matter to you a lot, that’s all.

And by the way, if this is a RWA topic, why we are talking about the 777 in Infinite Flight here?