777-200 Wings Flapping Followed By Severe Frame Rate Reduction

I have a 106 kt headwind at FL380 on the 772 and the wings just started flapping like a bird. Then followed by a severe reduction in fps, from about 30 fps to 1 frame per 2 seconds. I’ll provide the replay after I land, if it even shows up in the replay.

Is this a known issue for the 772?

Interesting couple of days I’ve had in IF…


Device is an iPad Pro 12.9" 2018.

your not the only one bro, even at cruise i suffer this. iphone 11 which handles high settings with no issues typically. it was since the hotfix i have been experiencing this

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I have yet to encounter such a scenario where your wings start flexing violently, though I have had periodic (but very heavy) frame rate drops before, mostly when I fly the B777 family aircraft. I have yet to really encounter this issue on other aircraft types like the A359 or the A320 family. Settings are all at high or very high, though it can easily fly into hubs without issues at all.

Device is a S20 Ultra (Exynos variant), running 20.03.03 (1012).

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It isn’t in the replay

Do you have a strong wifi connection?

100 upload 75 download, very strong

Yeah I’ve noticed heavy FPS drops and frequent stutters since th hot fix as well. Never had issues with lag before.

interesting what’s your IOS version?

iPadOS 14.4

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