777-200 range

I am currently flying from KEWR to ZSPD, I have just departed, and on the ground it said that I had enough fuel for 15 hours 45 minutes but now one hour into the flight, I am cruising at FL350 and at M.85 but it says I only have 9 hours of fuel remaining. Is this because the aircraft is heavy? Previously when I flew the 787-9 long range I did not have this issue. Is this normal?



It must be that you have a very strong headwind pushing against you. Because I know that plane can make that routes very easy. Make drop down a couple thousand feet to try and get to a better tailwind area. Or you just keep going and hope that the winds change to come in you favor.

It normally works out in your favor very rarely if you take that much fuel you dont make it

Hope that helped

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Well one you are heavy for that altitude. Try FL330 or FL310. Second there are strong headwinds where you are flying. Once you leave those winds you should have your flight time lower to closer to your fuel.


generally means that it is too heavy right now and you could be encountering strong headwinds just wait couple of hours and it should be white if you have about 16 hrs of fuel

Ok, thanks, I realized that there was a 127 knot headwind. I moved to FL380 and it helped. A mod can now close this post.

Don’t forget the 4% fuel burn penalty per 1000’ above or below optimum cruise.

Although I don’t know if that’s programmed into the sim!!! :D

You should also take a look through this topic. It greatly helps with fuel conservation.

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I would aslo say to drop down to M.84 as that’s what it would normally fly at.

You should also use simbrief to plan your flights. I do and its phenominal. Its also free. You have to register but once you do, you create flight plans that give you fuel loads according to your passenger and cargo load. There is a tutorial on here about it as well.

Once done use this to be able to copy and paste into IF

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