777-200 not following fpl

Yes I see that!

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All I can say is tbh is that make sure the NAV is set to GPS cause thats a pretty straight fpl so there isnt a resson is should veer ofcourse unless idek tbh. Or you might of typed an fix incorrectly and you didnt notice and it started to fly to that fix. Possible causes @Saharsh

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it might be a bug. I was doing ATL-JNB and half of my friends went off course except me until the STAR

Hmm thats pretty strange

Im watching the replay rn

By the looks of it @PlaneguyXP you probably had HDG set but not LNAV so due to the curvature of the earth you gradually veered off course.

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good eye Benny

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@BennyBoy I thought this was @Saharsh post😂

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LOL [word limit]

@PlaneguyXP I think the best way to determine what happened is share your replay

I’m PM him so he doesn’t get confused by all these replies.

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Its not completely accurate because I drew it

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Wdym you drew it?

It didnt appear on liveflight

I suspect a flight planning mistake here. It’s a brand new system and sometimes I forget to set my destination as the final waypoint. This issue by the OP hasn’t happened to me yet though. I’d just take extra care to make sure you filed the correct flight plan using fpltoif and simbrief

Ok I usually just enter a sid and a star for my flightplan, I dont usually use simbrief or similar

I am finding waypoints are being duplicated when combining the flptoif with the the in game SIDs and stars, which caused the plane to turn back on itself the other day. Make sure all waypoints only appear once in the flight plan.

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Yes, bear in mind FPL will put in the waypoints for the SID and STAR. You need to remove them if you intend to add in the SID and STAR on IF.

@ATK indeed a very important detail for sure. I have learned to only copy from fpltoif waypoints that are not part of SIDs and STARs. Using simbrief helps with this.

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This happened to me today, expect I had my NAV source set to GPS. And LNAV kept turning me away from my arrival into KLAX. I didn’t mind it much as the app crashed on final 🤷‍♂️