777 - 200 LR Solo Crash on Navigation

Hello. I crashed shortly after takeoff from Phoenix Sky Harbor Runway 08 to San Francisco. What happened. What wetn wrong? Weight is light to medium and there are no weather factors. I need help to determine what I did wrong. Thank you. Attached is a video.


Let me add as I just watched. I had navigation activated too.

It didn’t look like NAV was activated because you were not flying your flight plan. Also when you were turning the bank angle was to much which caused your plane to dive bomb into the ground. And resulted in a crash.
The ATL you were climbing through when this happened is also a factor. You were going way to slow. Around 10,000(above) to 15,000 you should increase your speed. A 777 will cruise around M.82-84.


Navigation was activated at AGL 1500 when I recorded my replay NAV had just deactivated but auto heading was active with NAV and took over but it slipped. Why would NAV disengage in the first place?

I noticed that your heading was set to 287, which should’ve been a left turn. Why was it turning right?

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The only think I would tell you is dont leave your device until you reach cruise. I don’t knkw why it would deactivate other than when you started diving toward earth. It tells you that AP was deactivated “check flight peramiters.”


Agreed and I would never do that on a live server this was Solo but it still doesnt solve as to why NAV would disengage and even jf NAV did my Auto heading should have compensated. I came back to a “crash” sign and replayed then recorded.

at around 43:00, the bank angle steepened, followed immediately by an autopilot disengaged alert and the autopilot disengaging. The bank angle was too steep, along with a lack of corrective action after the aircraft’s autopilot disengaged. Not sure why autonav disengaged, or how the bank angle became too steep, maybe a problem with the heading being changed almost 180 degrees? I have no idea on that part. Once the autopilot disengaged and no corrective action was taken however, it was gonna crash. In addition, you went off course while under autopilot, so I’m not sure why the heading was set in that direction.

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That only flys the heading younset it to when it’s turned on. It doesn’t change unless you put in a new heading. NAV is what changes your heading automatically. In other words it follows your FLP.

Auto heading takes over if auto nav for whatever reason is disengaged in this case auto NAV was disengaged without human intervention and auto heading takes over whatever the last heading number auto NAV had before it was disengaged without bias.

no. if the heading is engaged with autonav, it will continue the current heading. This happens when you pass your destination when oversleeping too. All I know is that the heading was different than what autonav was flying. Hence the bank angle, but I’m not aware of any other instances in which this has happened. Are you sure you didn’t change it? Device info, os, and IF version may come in handy too.

IF version is current device info is Android 7.1 regardless of auto heading taking over the autopilot bank would…or at least more importantly regarding my inquiry should never do that angle under any normal…circumstances. No I was away from the controls after reaching 10000 MSL

I watched the video and I have also experienced a similar problem like this as well. Lately I have been flying and my plane would make a huge u turn or big turn and then stall out. I’ve noticed for example if my heading is set to 180 and I make a change to it to let’s say 195. Sometimes it would go the opposite way like 170-160-150 and I would correct it and try to reset it but it would end up diving down. I will try to get some game play footage of it as well to show you to see if it’s related. I didn’t see any major error with your flight expect low fuel. I’ll go over it again

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I use a Joystick might I add in addition to device requirments and yes my fuel although I dont think it has anything to do with the aupilot malfunction I have made significant changes to my fuel requirments since :).

And sorry for the low video quality

You know what I just noticed about the yoke? It turns left as the bank angle violently yields right this happened a few weeks ago btw I wrote it off as a one time glitch but decided it was to big of an issue to ignore.

(Yoke screen indicator at center bottom screen)

The NAV most likely disabled because of the sharp bank angle. The AP is programmed to turn off and say ‘check flight parameters’ when the plane is stalling, diving, or doing any sort of aerobatic maneuvers.

This probably explains why you crashed: your autopilot disabled due to ‘aerobatic maneuvers’ caused by the sharp turn.

This is a hypothesis, but I hope it helps :)

Nav was off at the beginning of the video. My guess is that heading and autonav were on together for a brief time just after takeoff. This made the heading change to your flight plan, then you disconnected heading, so it stayed the same. Autonav was then disengaged, and heading was turned on after. This led to the aircraft attempting to turn to the heading that the autopilot headong was set to. It began to turn too sharply, and autopilot disengaged. Human intervention would be needed to switch between nav and heading, so I think someone did it. That is my hypothesis

You’re probably right. The AP systems were getting very confused because of the conflicting directions they were receiving from the pilot. Next time @Patria, you should turn heading on after reaching a comfortable climb rate and heading from hand flying. When you are close to cruise, you can turn your Nav on, this will prevent conflicting inputs.

I am probaly going to start doing that
I have never had a problem previously I always thought it safe to keep heading on with NAV in case my last waypoint is overshot heading would still be on and keep me leveled. As far as me turning NAV off I turned it it on as soon as I was at 10k msl and then left the scene for a while. Keep in mind that the 777 has APPR as well so its not likely to turn off auto NAV without intent due to the two step process involved. Even if auto NAV was turned off I stand by that auto heading should have taken over and leveled the plane off or if it was turned on which again is not possible because I was away it still should have followed that heading. I have never had this happen and I have been doing it since the start of global. I hope it never happens again.


Im not saying this is correct but I dont think you turned your right engine on…