777-200 Livery? (United)

I was on the infinite flight main website (not the community), and I saw a picture of the 777-200 in the old united livery (before Continental).

Here is a picture:

If the picture does not work, refer to infinite flight.com and scroll down to where they have a slide of 8 or so planes.

It was found next to the confirmed British Airways livery. Does this mean we will be getting the old United livery in 20.1?

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We already have this livery in the sim 😊


All the current livery’s that are in game for the 772 will stay in game but that does not mean that some livery’s will not be updated :)

Some, being one I believe has been removed.

No we will keep the livery they have now. Correct me if i’m wrong but I remember they said they will
keep all liveries except for 1 or 2. I’m pretty sure they will keep the United one

I guess I thought all liveries would have to be confirmed, seeing that Delta and Air France (just to name a couple) are in game already but have also been confirmed on the development thread.

Thanks for your answer!


You will have to wait for the official release notes on what is included.