777-200 ER - Same issue as 787

The new triple seven has the same issues as the 787 when it was initially released where the falperons do not respond correctly to input controls. As well as upon landing it remains stationary. This was corrected on the 787 after a patch was sent so just wanted to know if a patch will be sent to fix this as well

Yea I noticed that and it’s completely irrational to see a stationary flaperon with this greatly reworked aircraft…

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Inboard aileron movement was a feature that didn’t come in this rework. Perhaps this will be implemented/fixed in the future, however you can vote for inboard aileron movement here: Functional Boeing 777 flaperons

I understand that it was not a feature that was stated to come but both the 777 and 787 have similar flaperon characteristics and after the 787 was reworked this problem occurred and the community told infinite flight about this issue and they rectified it. So I was just bringing it to the attention of the developers.

Hello, this is a known issue, I’m sure it will be addressed at some point in the future.

Appreciate it because the 787 does have working flaperons

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