773 ER Thrust

Is it known if the “simulated” thrust will be different data or values when comparing the 772ER GE 94B engines to the larger 773ER GE 90-115’s ?

Or is IF simulated thrust the same across the entire new 777 series to keep the backend development and implementation simpler , and just a visual difference in all the engine variants.

The reason I ask is I was wondering if for example a thrust setting at 95% N1 on the IF 772 will produce the same "simulated " performance as 95% NI on the 773 with larger engines.

With all other factors being equal.

(The sound set is the same of course)

thanks !


That hasn’t been confirmed or denied at this time but what I can say is they have real world pilots test the physics and how the aircraft handles I believe and hand over feedback for the devs to adjust it. Whether the engine thrust values will be the same or different has yet to be disclosed as said above in this comment and we’ll most likely have to wait and see.


Of course. So what has been done with other aircraft like the A320 family ?

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The overall shape and graphics of the A320 family engine will be improved, not the sounds or performance, we don’t think

Not sure what they’ve done specifically. Probably used real world pilots or use resources to get a rough estimate on how the engines handle.

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I’m asking if different engine types on the same family of aircraft with different real world performance values are also modeled as such in IF.
Or is one performance data used in the sim. for all engine types on the same airframe series

I’m not asking about sounds or graphics
simple question !

if there is no answer thats ok…i thought the developer(s) might know.
If not close the topic. Thats ok !
thanks !

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Maybe a “Developer” will see this and weigh in
or…maybe not lol

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Just edited it, no I don’t believe the performance will be changed from what it is at now, as it’s physics are already quite realistic :)

It is realistic yes…but real engine performance is very different between the 772ER engines and the 773ER engines. I don’t think you may understand that I’m asking if that difference will be modeled in the IF planes OR just left as one way for all IF 777’s with all available engines. That is ok with me personally.
But far from realistic . I 'm just asking if the developer team goes to the trouble of creating different performance for different engines or not

I will wait to see or try to ask a Dev. Team Member
I’m just curious. Thats all.


Hey there

Because this information has never really been disclosed let alone asked, there is very little information about this. The 777 series will be another major “family” that has been reworked. Take a look at the CRJs. Technology and other advancements within the app have allowed developers to expand their development to areas that weren’t possible just a few years ago. That said, if you set a power setting on say the CRJ700 and then jump in the 1000, the 1000 should have a higher fuel flow which would indicate a higher thrust rating. They use different versions of the CF34 all on a similar looking airframe. (I haven’t looked to see if that’s the case but something to consider taking a peek at in your free time). Infinite Flight will generally continue a development practice for future aircraft if its been successful and continues to work. For example, working cockpits and wingflex

Not a dev here but I do participate in the closed beta testing program that Infinite Flight has. Infinite Flight does strive for realism. We do have real world pilots within the group. Some that have flown the 777. That said, the data the team uses is derived from real world sources and then tested by the actual pilots we have with our group.

While we’re not permitted to share any sort of information in regards to what you’re specifically asking for, engine specifications, I can tell you that the Infinite Flight team will try to hit all the marks when it comes to data and details such as this. Our devs, staff, alpha, beta and real world pilots within those groups have a very close eye on the attention to detail and will ensure the aircraft is just about a mirror image of the IRL aircraft. Fuel flow, engine thrust, physics, strobe/beacon light timing and patterns, fonts of words on liveries, fan blade count, tire pressure, gear tilt angle, fuel balance between tanks… you name it everything is looked at. As expected, a small bug here and there is expected but after all, we’re all humans and not computers. 😁

Hope that sheds a tiny bit of light on what it is you’re inquiring.



I would add that it is fairlly simple to check, once the aircraft is released. Do takeoff rolls with same power, wind, weight, etc. and chronometer the time it takes ti reach a given IAS.
Did it for the A320 family and found that the V2500 and CFM 56 delivered identical thrust for the same aircraft type, but as expected, that A320 and A321 engines are more powerfull than A319 ones, just as in RL.
It is then easy to compute the power delta from the acceleration delta, the maths are somewhere online.


Adding on @Tep_NEMO the A320family can be powered by two general engine types, the V2500 and the CFM56, with the V2500 having for sure the option to select 5 different thrust setting 22K, 24K, 27K, 30K and 33K (=33000LBS). It’s impossible to model them all, but IF has ensured that thrust is well given and as realistic as possible for the respective aircraft types and will do the same for the B777 from what I understand thanks to DeerCrusher!


This matter seems to be solved.

I just wanted to let you know that the IATA code of the Boeing 777-300ER is B77W.


Thanks Matt
for your articulation and shedding some light on my inquiry. It may appear since I stayed on topic here that this was very important to me but actually I was just more just a little curious only.

Proprietary or backend means and methods I understand are some times best held close to the vest , IF is after all a commercial / retail product with competition. My curiosity is satisfied and your response confirms my thinking. In game performance and data also supports that. The A321 performs different to me than the A320 for example .

There is a significant difference in the GE 773ER vs. 772ER engine thrusts. I hope we too might see a difference in IF !

Thanks for your response !

Keep the blue sky’s up



I have experience the same with the A320 family.
I don’t need hard numbers…just hoping that the 777 family in IF reflects as feasible as possible the same.

be safe

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Yup thanks…I’m aware of the designation 77W

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