772er KLM brighter than it should be?

Hey it’s me again, I made an observation with the new 777-200er vs the current 777-300er

The KLM livery of the 772er is like brighter than it should be??

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Hey! One of those is the old KLM livery while the other is the new KLM livery. They must have been modeled at different times, making them not 100% accurate/similar in color.


But the colors are the same in real life 💁🏻

Yes, notice the change in the pattern on the nose.

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I think there will always be a difference. But as mentioned above, it is a new and old model. That’s why I think it will look different after the update of the B77W

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So… the new 777-300er should have the same colors of the new 772er??

I wouldn’t care so much even though I feel the colors are more realistic on the current 773er

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Lots of the liveries look brighter on the new B772. Hopefully it will be fixed at some point.


I believe I have said it already on one of your topics (I believe it was Kruger flaps) but I stand by that position:

We do not need to point out these minor differences!

It’s a simulator, and precise modeling, again, doesn’t mean a copy-pasted exact version. I feel that we are making a big deal over the smallest innacuracies in these liveries.

Just my 2 cents! No hard feelings 🙂


Remember other aircraft on live will look a bit different.

One is clean, one is dirty.


If it helps, KLM Blue is #00A1E4, use that to judge how off it is

I understand your position, but if someone like me doesn’t highlight this little issues we’re gonna have tons of different colors for the same liveries in different airplanes. And that’s not very realistic in my point of view. 💁🏻

Most of KLM’s 772’s are in the old livery, and most of the 773’s in the new livery. They made the blue slightly darker with the new one, but I do agree, it’s a bit brighter than normal

Weird. Either make it right or don’t be a sim. Sims should strive for perfection IMO. When you think this way about everything the whole experience will be ruined


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