772 Takeoff Config

What configuration is best for a 777-200 takeoff? (obviously depending on different factors) I know that the minimum is 5 degrees of flaps, though what quantity of trim would be acceptable? And at what weight (estimation) would involve the use of flaps 15 (trim too). I would also like the rotation speed and a good power setting depending on different loads of the aircraft.
I just want to make sure how to ‘formally’ depart.

I usually use 15 degrees and rotate at about 160-170 kts (85%ish power) at a heavy weight. Not sure about the right trim though, it can vary a lot sometimes depending on weight and speed you want to take off with. That’s just my experience though.

Hey! I linked a nice topic about takeoff configurations below.

That too. Lol 😂

Oh perfect, Thank you

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