772 Rework Question

I don’t own a pro subscription but I have a question about the reworked 777-200ER.
Do 777-200ER replays from pre 20.1 have the new 777(with the rework) or the old 777(before the rework)? Does the landing gear still tilt correctly?
Just a simple question that’s been on my mind.

I think it will be the old one not too sure about this

No it will show the re worked 777

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That’s what I thought due to old 737 replays containing the new cockpit but just wanted to make sure. Thanks for the quick response.
Does the gear tilt work on old replays?

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With the parameters with your old flight gear tilt should work regardless of when the flight was. So yes, it’ll work since it’s a new model.


Okay thanks! This topic can be closed now.

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