772 no beacon/ strobe lights

Hey all. With the new addition of the 772 bugs are part and parcel of a new update. Since the update dropped I have been having issues with the display of strobe and beacon lights on the 772, my landing and nav lights work fine. Is it that they are so faint or I have a certain issue?

We need informations on your device

I don’t have this problem so it’s probably on your side

What would you say is the frame rate on your device?

I have a Huawei mate 10 lite. Just an update on my issue, I can see the lights now but only when I zoom out to a certain distance

Depends on amount of traffic but standard is 25-30 fps

Ok. I was thinking that you might have a frame rate so low that it is causing the strobes to appear, but that clearly isn’t the problem.

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