772 KLM

Quick question , I know it was a while ago since you did this. But I’ve only just thought to mention it (don’t ask). But why did you remove the 777-200-ER. KLM? Was there a reason you did remove it?

Ey did we ever have a 777-200ER KLM?


It’s there.
It says “Image unavailible”.

It was accidentally removed by the developers when FDS launched a rework for 777, which includes KLM Orange Pride and New KLM Standard livery on 777-300ER Variant. Here’s the reason given from one of FDS’ staff

And it seems KLM 772 is already back to IF according to @Delta319

@MisterButler take a look:
It’s always been there…
Never disappeared once


It did disappear. It was only bought back with Global I believe so for over a year it was gone.


I bought IF after global came out tho…

So it is. Silly me…

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