772 flaperons not working?

So I can’t figure out why the flaperons aren’t moving with the ailerons. They are moving up and down with the flaps but that’s about it. Is there a fix for this?

As the update is brand new, there may be some bugs that need to be fixed, however I am not experiencing any issue with them. You should try to restart your device and see if that fixes it

Nope doesn’t do the trick :/

The flaperons are not currently linked with ailerons in 20.1. Might be something we see in the future.

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But, but, but… huhh??

Even the 787 has it

Are you sure? I thought I saw them move correctly in the trailer ':)

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Unfortunately, the 772 doesn’t have working flaperons the way the 747 and 787 have it. I’m sure it will be reiterated once future 777 variants come out.

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