772 cockpit window tint? FPS Issues?

So since update I have realized that on the 772 there is like a tint, for instance in dusk it had a yellow tint all over, like smoke haze, see my photo on IFFG. Also, my frame rate is mega slow when it’s foggy, normally I have no lag what so ever, but due to fog I turned down my graphics and airplane count, I don’t know if that’s a bug or just how it is which is fine I understand, or is it possibly due to the new airport layouts? My device is a IPad 3 with iOS 8.4.1

Not a bug. Happens on the C172 pretty obviously too. Pretty sure it’s designed to be realistic as you’re not going to get the same colouring across the whole windscreen in real life.

Have you seen my IFFG post about it with photo? That’s not real what so ever, and others are saying the same…

Nope sorry. I will have a look.