[77 attending, 21 gates still available!] Huge Phoenix Flyout! @ KPHX - 291800ZDEC18


Giving this another bump. There is still 75 gates Avalivble!


I’ll take gb8


See you there! You are in!


Get your gates Now!


Giving this a bump. Let’s try to fill up KPHX!


Gate C19- Southwest 737-800 to KATL for me please and thank you!


You are in! See ya there :)


May i please have Gate C11?


You are in! See you in Phoenix :)


Get a gate now! There is still 71 left!


Get your gates Now! There is still plenty of gates!


Me is sad. I wanted to fly to CYYC in the 737…
If you could change one of the air canada gates to CYYC I would be happy😃


You are all signed up for Gate B19! See you there!


We are now 25% full! Get your gate before they all disappear!


Oh thanks!


I can take the Southwest RDU Flight im with the SWVA.


You are in for Gate D4. See you there!


We now have 25 Attendees!


Ill take Gate B27 American 737-800 to San Diego


Acully, if there is a atc opening ill do ground and tower