[77 attending, 21 gates still available!] Huge Phoenix Flyout! @ KPHX - 291800ZDEC18


Why is this on the same line as me


All fixed. See you there!


I’d love to join. Terminal 3 Gate 16


You are in! See you in Phoenix :)


Only 2 Delta Gates Left, Take them now before they are gone! (Both Taken)


There is also only 1 Spirit gate, 1 Alaska Gate, One Hawaiian Gate, and One British Airways gate left! Get them now, before they disappear!


I’ll take Gate 17 to KLAX on Delta E170


Looks exciting, I shall take gate A17 if you can spare it. (Crj-700 to KLGB)


@Trevor_A, @Corgi, you are in! See You there


One Delta Gate Left! (Taken)


Delta Airbus A330 gate please


The final Delta Gate is Gate 21, with a 737-800 to KATL. Would you like that gate?


KPHX cannot fit an A330 at gate 21, the only Delta Gate Left.


Wow the A330 is fat. Yeah I will take that gate with the B737-8


You are in, see you there!


No More Delta Gates!


You too :)
Gonna practice with the 737 so I get takeoff speed n’ that perfect, Im not use to it, Im more use to Mid-Large sized planes


There Still are 60+ American and Southwest Gates! Get them Now!


Get your gate Now! You don’t want to miss the first ever KPHX Fly out!


Giving this a bump. Sign up Now!