[77 attending, 21 gates still available!] Huge Phoenix Flyout! @ KPHX - 291800ZDEC18


If you’d be willing to take ground that would be awesome! If you want to fly then no worries though.


I gotchu, working on becoming IFATC


Let me put you down as Ground.


Giving this a bump. Sign up now!


Looks fun! I can be Departure frequency if needed.


Can I get D6 in SWA 738 to ATL


Can I change Cargo 3 to A 757-200 for Lax


it will Still UPS


JK, i want AF1 757


@DeltaFlyer99 You are now Departure! See you there.
@JeromeJ You are added! See ya on the 29th.
@BadJokes101 I added You, you are cargo area 1.


forget the last, Southwest 737-700 to LAX


Yeah I changed it to D5. See you there.


We still have many American, Southwest, and United Gates Left! Get them now!


Giving this a bump. There is less than a month until the event!


Could I have the 737-800 gate D6. (Already signed up just want to update aircraft)


Sure, let me change it.


Giving this a bump.

Yes, I will free up some of the closed gates if needed.


4 Things:

  1. Please add an approach ATC to handle all the approach traffic because you don’t have to be IFATC to be a controller on the Training Server so they have a chance of never being an ATC
  2. If possible add an American CRJ-700 to KLAX, the flight exists but I can’t find the plane used. If you can make it, sign me up.
  3. If you can’t add the last one, sign me up for Gate A19- American CRJ-700 to KONT
  4. No, I am not five, I tried to have my name make people cringe.
    the joke sounded better in my head


You are in for Gate B16. See you there.


Should I ask for call signs and add them next to your gate?

  • Yes
  • No

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