[77 attending, 21 gates still available!] Huge Phoenix Flyout! @ KPHX - 291800ZDEC18


Hello everyone, this is my first Ever event! I am hosting a Huge PHX fly out!

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Why Phoenix??

I have been to PHX four times, and I have loved the airport! I would like to share the love I have for Arizona to an amazing fly out! Phoenix serves many airlines, and is a hub for American, and a focus city for Southwest.

What is some basic information about this Fly out?

Server: Training
Airport/Region: KPHX/ Southwestern United States
Date and time: December 29, 2018 6:00 PM
NOTAM: Spawn in at least 10-15 minutes before pushback for photos, listen to Unicom, Do not push back as the same time as the person next to you.
NOTAM update for 18.6:
Yes, I will be allowing specials. If you want a special, please let me know! On a first come first serve basis. For Southwest, it is most realistic if you are in A 738, Do spawn in the heart livery!
And yes, I can change planes if they are used On A real route. Thanks!

We will most likely be using runway(s) 7L, 7R and 8 for arrivals and departures.
I will pushback first, and once I have cleared all gates, you can push back.
Also feel free to fly into Phoenix during the event if you don’t want to sign up! You can also fly in before, but for the sake of realism, please taxi to your assigned gate! Thanks!

Avalivble Routes
In these categories, please look below, and see these pre selected routes. I can add routes if they are a route IRL and these routes are all IRL routes.

Terminal 2 (Full!)

Gate 1- Spirit A320 to KORD- @Hardcore_Destroyer
Gate 2- Spirit A320-To KDFW- @bailey
Gate 3- United E170-To KLAX- @Rishon_R
Gate 4- United 737-900-To KDEN- @Patrick_Gallagher
Gate 5- United 737-800-To KIAH- @AviationGaming
Gate 6A- United A320-To KSFO- @QFA_12
Gate 6B- United 737-800-To KEWR- @ouzi
Gate 7- United 737-800-To KIAD- @Matt02 Gate 8- United A320-To KORD- @Elliott_Ewell
Gate 10- Alaska 737-900-To KSEA- @Aiden_Morales Gate 11- Alaska 737-800-To KPDX- @VAnuj

Terminal 3 (Full!)

Gate 15- Delta A319 to KCVG- @MathAviation7
Gate 16- Delta A319 to KSLC- @elovelin
Gate 17- Delta E170 to KLAX- @Trevor_A
Gate 18 Delta 737-900 to KDTW- @langer00am
Gate 19- Delta 737-900 to KJFK- @Dylan_M
Gate 20- Frontier A320 to KDEN- @Carolina_Taylor
Gate 21- Delta 737-800 to KATL- @AviationAlex Gate 22- Delta 737-800 to KSEA- @Jeffrey_Varga
Gate 23- Delta 737-800 to KMSP- @Michael_Czyz
Gate 24- Hawaiian 767-300 to PHNL- @Chase_Smith1
Gate 25- JetBlue A320 to KJFK- @CaptMj
Gate 26- JetBlue A320 to KBOS- @Nidhish_Kataria

Terminal 4 North (10 Gates Left, More to be Added here!)

Gate A1- American CRJ-700 to KFLG-Open
Gate A2- American A320 to KDTW- @BlueAcidball
Gate A3- American A320 to KABQ- @StarWars
Gate A4- [Closed]
Gate A5- American CRJ-700 to KBUR- @Aviation-21
Gate A6- American A320 to KLAS-Open
Gate A7- [Closed]
Gate A8- American A320 to KSAT-Open
Gate A9-American 737-800 to KPDX-Open
Gate A10- American A320 to KSJC- @LIFEWTR3
Gate A11- American A321 to KLAX- @Flybe
Gate A12- American 737-800 to KBWI- @Flying_Potato Gate A13 [Closed]
Gate A14- American A321 to KSAN- @Aiden_Morales
Gate A17- American CRJ-700 to KLGB- @Corgi
Gate A18- American A321 to KCLT- @Travis_rice
Gate A19- American CRJ-700 to KONT- @Rodrigo_Villalobos Gate A20- [Closed]
Gate A21- American CRJ-700 to KTUS- @Airportopsman
Gate A22- American A321 to KDEN- @xXDuhItzMacXx
Gate A23- [Closed]
Gate A24- American CRJ-900 to KSTS- @Boeing797
Gate A25- American 737-800 to KMIA- @bdreslin02
Gate A26- American CRJ-700 to KASE-Open
Gate A27- [Closed]
Gate A29- American A321 to KLAX- @Abel_Kocsis Gate A30- [Closed]
Gate B1- American CRJ-700 to KYUM-Open
Gate B1A- [Closed]
Gate B2- American CRJ-900 to KMCI-Open
Gate B3- [Closed]
Gate B4- American CRJ-700 to KPSP-Open
Gate B5- American CRJ-700 to KSBA-Open
Gate B6- American A320 to KSFO- @MLG_Man
Gate B7- American CRJ-900 to KLBB- @HiFlyer
Gate B8- American A320 to MMSD- Open
Gate B9- [Closed]
Gate B10- [Closed]
Gate B12- American A320 to KORD-Open
Gate B13-American 757-200 to PHNL- @Albatross_Prince
Gate B14- American CRJ-900 to MMMZ- Open
Gate B15- American CRJ-200 to KSGU- Open
Gate B16- American CRJ-700 to KLAX- @Cool_Creeper
Gate B17- American CRJ-700 to KBFL- Open
Gate B18- American CRJ-700 to KAMA-Open
Gate B19- Westjet 737-700 to CYYC- @WestJet737767
Gate B20- American CRJ-700 to KRNO-Open
Gate B21- Air Canada A319 to CYYZ- @tomrod11
Gate B22- American A320 to KSTL- @FINNWINGS Gate B23- Westjet 737-700 to CYYC- @ILOVE7879
Gate B24- Air Canada A319 to CYUL- @Philippe_Gilbert Gate B25- British Airways 747-400 to EGLL- @wynnster8
Gate B26- American A320 to KBOI- @James_Harvey
Gate B27- American A321 to KPHL-Open
Gate B28- American A320 to KIND- @Riley_Grim

Terminal 4 South (2 Gates Left!)

Gate C1- Southwest 737-800 to KMDW- @Kjax_tv
Gate C2- [Illinois One] Southwest 737-700 to KSAN- @JacksonAviation
Gate C3- Southwest 737-800 to KRNO- @no_ga ate C4- Southwest 737-700 to KLIT- @N1RG
Gate C6- Southwest 737-700 to KSJC- @BigBert10
Gate C7- Southwest 737-700 to KBNA-Open
Gate C8- Southwest 737-700 to KDAL- @JGrant639
Gate C9- Southwest 737-800 to KTPA- @Jimpy
Gate C11- Southwest 737-800 to KHOU- @Chase_Copeland
Gate C12- Southwest 737-700 to KBUR- @Javian_J
Gate C13- Southwest 737-700 to KMKE-Open
Gate C14- Southwest 737-700 to KHOU- @Kevinsoto1502
Gate C15- Southwest 737-700 to KLAS- @Benjwri
Gate C16- Southwest 737-700 to KMCI- @marquise_carter
Gate C17- Southwest 737-700 to KSMF- @Asorb Gate C18- Southwest 737-700 to KDEN-@Luke_Sta
Gate C19- Southwest 737-800 to KATL- @SirMarkieMark
Gate D1- Southwest 737-700 to KAUS- @EverettM
Gate D2-Southwest 737-700 to KTUL- @Patrick_O_Reilly
Gate D3- Southwest 737-800 to KMSY- @Cargo
Gate D4- Southwest 737-800 to KRDU- @Devon_Mo_piedmont114.
Gate D5- Southwest 737-800 to KLAX- @Shadow87645
Gate D6- Southwest 737-800 to KATL- @JeromeJ
Gate D7- Southwest 737-700 to KSNA- @Jmiotke77 Gate D8- Southwest 737-700 to KBWI- @Plane-Train-TV

Cargo (4 Gates Left, more can be added!)

South Cargo Area Ramp R01- FedEx DC-10 to KOAK- Open
South Cargo Area Ramp R02- FedEx 777 To KMEM- @Clocktapus
South Cargo Area Ramp R03- UPS MD-11 to KSDF-Open
South Cargo Area Ramp 08 mp- FedEx C208 to KYUM-Open
South Cargo Area Ramp 09mp- FedEx C208 to KFLG
TBD Cargo Gate- Fedex MD-11 to KLAX- @BadJokes101

General Aviation (2 Gates left, more can be added!)

Cutter Aviation 01- Daher TBM 930 to KAZO- @Jbarbs
Cutter Aviation 06- Any GA- Any route-Open
South Tie Down 01- F-14 Tomcat to KPRC- @ERAU_Hatsune
South Tie Down 06- Any GA, Any Route-Open


Ground- @Jonesrox55
Tower- @Aviator10
Departure- @DeltaFlyer99
Approach- @Boeing2

More gates will be Added if needed.

I have gotten permission by @VAnuj to use a format similar to theirs.

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I hope to see you in the Valley of the Sun!

Infinite Flight Community Event List Pt.2

Looks like a nice event that’s worth attending. Unfortunately I can’t attend, as my KLGA flyout is on the same date.


Yeah. Still working on it to get all the gates.


I was going to say, uhh, I know American has a hub here, so why are there no American routes. Great event btw.


Yeah I am sorry I accidentally clicked the post button so I am still adding routes


Yeah, I know that feeling, I did that for my first event as well.


All commercial gates have been added! Adding GA and cargo gates now.


All gates are added! Feel free to sign up now!


Delta introduced KPNX-KCVG today. Might want to add that route :) You can sign me up on that route if you add it :)


What aircraft would you like?


The A319 would be great, they use the A320 although there is no livery in IF


You are in! Terminal 3 gate 15. See you there!


Gate A18- American A321 to KCLT. ill be there!


You are In! See you there!


Sign me up for Gate 11 at T2!


See you in Phoenix! You are in!


Should I move the event back one week?

  • Yes
  • No

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Could I have B28? Thank you!


You are in! See you there @Riley_Grim


I might be able to attend but not 100% sure