767 wing flex

Hello everybody! I propose to add wingflex to the 767. I love flying the 767, it’s my favourite aircraft, it is super duper out dated though. So I was wondering, as it’s the least that can be done for this aircraft, can we just have wing flex added to the aircraft. So it feels more realistic! Please vote for this as I think it’s something that needs to be done. Happy flying!

I believe this should come with the 767 rework!

We really need this; this aircraft is a vintage now, and is slowly retiring, even just spotting it rare (sometimes) the 767 family is in a class of its own.

If you didn’t get the joke it was: The 767 was built with the purpose of being a 3 class “medium-liner” while the 757, it’s brother, was a transatlantic 2-1 class airliner; so with saying that the 767 is in a class of its own, it works both those ways :)

I love the 767 too! From WestJet, to Air Canada, to Air Canada Rouge! (And American, United, Delta, British Airways… etc)

I believe this would come under the 767 rework as everything is extremely outdated on the 767, being one of the oldest aircraft in the game. A rework would give the aircraft a new lick of everything, with the modern day standard of Infinite Flight with the wing flex being a definite yes.

Take a look down below!


I don’t see the reason as to why this has to be separate. Like @Ecoops123 pointed out, it would be much better to get a full rework done. And there’s already a thread made for it.

Just confused as to what the point of this feature request is all?

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When the 767 is reworked, it will include wingflex like all of the other aircraft that have been introduced and reworked since the 787. Feel free to continue your discussion about the 767 in the topic linked by Ecoops. Thanks!