767 vs A330




What do you guys think?

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Can someone make a poll please?

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A330 is my favorite.

767 FTW, very nice plane

  • 767
  • A330
  • Both

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100% A330. Best plane :)

Always the Airbus planes

A330 love it!(:

I prefer the A330. Even though the first airplane I flew on ever Was a Qantas B763 I still like the A330. It just looks better, and you can’t forget those far fetched tilted landing gear. Every time I go to Perth, I catch a VA A333 or a QF A333. Its also because All 3 MAJOR Australian airlines operate them (Jetstar, Qantas and Virgin Australia)

Both of them have their own qualities that are unique to them. They can be something good on your book, or bad. It really depends, here are my observations:

767: Slightly smaller than the A330, the interior is not bad for a wide body plane, flew on a DL frame. Takeoff was spirited, it felt that the engines had a lot more to give, but the pilots most likely used an assumed temp de-rate. Flying out of NRT with noise abatement in effect is quite interesting, it involves flying at min. thrust at a lower altitude until what looked like Tokyo Bay and then climb power was applied, plane climbed well, rock steady up to cruise altitude. It was very steady in flight, both through turbulence and smooth air. Landing is quite disconcerting due to it’s unique gear design, but it was kind of cool.

A330: Cabin was wider, with a little more space per seat. The seat was also more comfortable, but that’s the airline’s choice, not really related to the airframe. Takeoff felt… calculated, it felt really precise and almost machine like. Nothing wrong with that, it was a smooth takeoff and really steady climb, autopilot kept us on course. Flight was comfortable, we were buffeted by turbulence for the most part, but once again, not really the plane’s fault. Nice aircraft to fly, note that I didn’t observe an appreciable noise difference between the two aircraft. Landing was conventional, not really anything out of the ordinary. It works well.

Now, comparing the two aircrafts is like comparing a Corvette ZR1 with a McLaren 650S. They both do a good job at going fast, they both can go really fast. The Corvette might not have a lot of the more recent gizmos, but it still does its job well. Is there something wrong with electronic gizmos? No, the A330 does its job just as well, and it burns less fuel per seat. Does that make it better in some eyes? Yes. Is it all mighty and superior? Maybe not, it really depends on the person’s viewpoint. Now I prefer the 767 approach, heck, I still occasionally shoot black and white film photos on an old camera and then developing it through a darkroom. I am more for the old fashioned way, it might cost more, but it’s cooler that way in my opinion. Just don’t tell that to my Canon Rebel. ;)


That’s a 767 it looks nice
And this was the best 767 photo i could find

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