767 Virtual Cockpit

Hello! I just loaded into ATL in the 767 after updating to 22.5, but when I went to switch to the cockpit view it no longer seemed to be there. I can still move the interior drone into the cockpit, but the actual cockpit view seems to be gone. I am wondering if I’m maybe missing something? Thanks!

I think that was removed in 22.4 and the reason behind it was because the cockpit sucks and looks awful


A fix to this is to use intierior drone and get it to the position you like in the cockpit and you can fly

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he mentioned it

No probably because of the planes age. Please have a look below of what I have linked.

Wich is basically the same thing because it is old it looks bad

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No. There was probably a reason behind it being removed. The aircraft was added on to the game back in October of 2012. So I think it was its age. Not because it looks “bad”.

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It was removed in 22.4, along with F-18, F-14, and C-17

you can still see it in-game if you press the legacy aircraft tab

I meant the aircraft’s cockpit, not the actual aircraft.