767 Rework

Hey guys. This topic hasn’t been mentioned in almost 2 years, so I think it’s time to bring up the fact that it’s time to rework the 767. I don’t think it’s been redone since first created. As I don’t even believe the throttle stick is animated. I took some pictures. One of the side panels isn’t even rendered. It’s just a 2D picture. Engines and landing gear are barely animated as well. The less popular aircraft must still stay updated to match the same style as the more frequently, more popular aircraft. I can’t believe a rework for this hasn’t been mentioned in almost 2 years.



767 looks like that got blocks they put it together then got pic from the internet then paste them in the cockpit

Hope we can get a rework! But there’s a rework request found here

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Topic was last active 1 day ago… big difference between topic creation and when it was last active.