767 rework and bringing the a350K

I think the 767 should a rework as this will improve infinite flight and make more people happy as this is one of the most requested reworks. I also highly recommend that you bring the a350-1000 with all the livery’s.


Look at that beauty and it has a variety of destinations to fly too :))


Hello! The A380 took the vote for the rework over the 767 already. Not to say it won’t ever get a rework. But for now it won’t. As for the A350-1000, check out this link regarding that. Airbus A350XWB Family - #3949

The staff team currently has no plans to bring it in to the sim.

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Okay thank you so much for letting me know and I’m also looking forward to see the a350 in the future and the reworked 767. But the A380 good aswell

If you don’t mind me asking when do you think that the a380 will be finished reworking and added into the sim because I’m also looking forward to that


No problem! I too have a soft spot for the 767 and also wouldn’t mind seeing the -1000 variant. But it’s just good to be patient for the time being.

As far as the A380. It is currently in development and there is no set release date. Nor do I believe the staff know. In short…when it’s ready. It will need to undergo beta testing first as well. Here is a link that you can follow regarding its progress if you’d like. Official A380 Rework Tracking Thread


Thanks you very much for your guidance @RickG i appreciate it 🙏🙏


Anyitme! Have a great day!

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