767 range in IF is crazy

Doing a pretty crazy flight right now. WSSS-SEQM, which is more than 10500 nm (fyi longest possible is 108xx). The 767 in IF is pretty broken and might be able to do this starting at around MTOW :O The IRL range is like 6000nm lol

I’m cruising over the pacific right now, callsign LAN 457.


OOF it is then

It is not the most modern aircraft so it is not perfectly balanced like the newer planes.
You can vote for a rework here:

I just finished a DFW to Sydney which was 7600 NM or so and 15 hours. Long flight but she performed well.

The range of the Citation X is also way to much. And also the 737 has way to much range I believe

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It’s an old aircraft. We’ll rework it in the future!