767 possibly hovering?

So, as I am typing this sentence, I am about to fly from FHSH to EGLL, I am using the 767 and when I loaded in, there seems to be a gap between the landing gear and the ground, I don’t know why this happened, I used a 757 on the exact route (though quit due to lack of fuel), the 757 doesn’t seems to have this issue

This has happened to me a lot. It’s just a Visual glitch. It can happens with any plane.

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Ah I see, is it only the 767 that has this problem?

No. All planes.

huh? when I fly the 757 it is normal

It doesn’t happen all the time. If you despawn then spawn again it might be Back to normal.

tried multiple time now, just gonna ignore it and hope they fix this

Oh ok. That’s weird but it doesn’t happen all the time. This has happened a lot to me on other planes. But I believe they fixed it one newer aircraft.

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