767 issues

The Boeing 767 speeds even when the power is on low while taxiing

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Thanks for your input on the 767. Unfortunately, as it’s a legacy aircraft, this and many other issues with it will likely not be fixed until a full rework takes place.

If you’d like to see this happen, feel free to cast your vote here: Boeing 767 Rework


If your aircraft is lightweight, you will have to brake manually because even the engines running at idle can generate enough thrust for the plane to accelerate


I believe that’s true. Here’s a quote from a pilot discussion from the following link about idle thrust in general:

“A 747-400, with Pratt & Whitney engines, with no cargo or passengers and a very light fuel load (maybe 40-50k pounds) will get away from you, without going above idle thrust. It will start rolling on its own, and will exceed whatever the safe taxi speed mandated a given airport/airline very quickly. One must apply the brakes, slow things down, and then let the speed build back up, and do that over and over. For this aircraft, 15mph, 8mph in turns was the max speed where I worked. The 777 is similar…”

Thrust For Taxi - Airliners.net


@adit and @Railfanner365 are correct. There a few airplanes that can accelerate even on idle power. This does not apply if you are manually braking or pulling off a sharp turn. Additionally, if your plane is heavy (the limit depends on the airplane) this acceleration might not work.

To combat this, you should take only a few seconds in the beginning of your taxi to get the airplane up and going, and then leave it. Do not apply power after turns as it makes the situation worse. Unfortunately, you might have to do some intervening with manual brakes, but this is rare, since the limit is 35 knots.

You could try turning off one of the engines…

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It’s definitely an option (even though I’m not a big fan of it), but having to worry about opening an engine mid-way through your taxi while dealing with ATC is a bit overwhelming. Last thing I want is to hold up an entire airport’s departures and arrivals because I was too late to open an engine.

It will barely move unless I put the throttle on 30 or 40%

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