767 Is Broken!!!

Hello all! I need some serious help! I am in a 767 and i am gaining speed while climbing with no engines on. I am planning to glide all the way to tokyo without using any fuel. If i continue to glide i will go for the world record without landing or refueling. I will send you videos soon. This is insane! There is no engine power and i am gaining speed. Even when i go to 50k feet i still gain altitude.

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Hi, please move this to live if you are planning to do this for fun. Please only use support if you need help with the game.

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Send us a screenshot. This should be good.

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This is a glitch and i would like support to help me and see if it is a game issue

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Try some flaps…if not, descend to a lower altitude. You’re a 767, not a U2.


also uploading a video now… Screenshot is above

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Just restart the app, all should be good


i can’t i will overspeed.

i did both times it glitched

You tried flaps?

Flaps create drag, which will slow the plane down.

flaps 30 gear down trim 100 spoilers flight rn

Trim isn’t needed that high, but could be a glitch. Try restarting.

Also am I the only one here that’s going to point out that you are actually descending? Not so much of a mystery hu? 🧐🤔

You realize your at 52000 feet?

The 767 is an old aircraft so most likely that is the reason for the glitch.

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I tried restarting


Please list the steps to reproduce this in order please. I’ll try to reproduce this upon receipt of the steps. Thanks!


I should have seen this earlier, just left the coast on my night trip

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