767 Flight Los Angeles to Innsbruck

Boeing 767 Flight to Innsbruck

Yesterday I flew a long-haul flight for the first time. I’ve only been playing Flight Simulator since November 28th and I’m really enjoying it. I especially like flying to Innsbruck.

Flight Infos:

Server: Training Server
Aircraft: Boeing 767
Livery: Delta Airlines
Cruising Altitude: FL340 later FL350
Cruising Speed: Mach 0.85 later Mach 0.86
Flight Time: 10 hours 18 minutes


Ready at the gate in LAX

Takeoff. In the Background a B747 who is also Taking off.

Shot over Los Angeles

Sunset over Toronto

Sunrise over France

Starting my descent into Innsbruck

Aligning into the valley.

Short Final.


Parked at the gate.

I’m hyped for the next update. Can’t wait to see Innsbruck in 3D


Nice Shots!

Thought the 767 wasn’t allowed into LOWI but it made it.

Hello! Please refer to this topic as more then 10 photos are not allowed

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Me too can’t wait!

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He posted twice the same oic by mistake I guess.

Cool pics !

Oh I didn’t realise that
On a other hand, nice shots !!

The TS be like: When he was taking off there was a 777 and 747 taking off in the same RWY lol

Yeah, it’s the biggest plane what can operate here.

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