767 & 777-200F Lost Purchases

Hello. Its been a while since I have created a topic. The reason that ive come back is related to one of my previous topics. I deleted infinite flight and i lost 2 of my planes 767 and the 777-2f I really want them back if its possible. I have proof that I bought them. Please contact me 505251@tcc-leerling.nl Ill appreciate all help.

As you are a new user, could @david setup a PM with you? He’ll be happy to help you out ;)


You might not want to show your email address to the public :)


Hello Elroy, when you go in Infinite Flight, press “restore purchase” and you’ll be able to download your pre-owned planes. Make sure you’re using the same account that you bought the planes on and it should work.


Thanks dude!! It worked


You can use the “Restore Purchase” and everything will be normal 😊

Edit : Boodz already beat me =P

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Restore Purchases does not always work and doesn’t always automatically download. Sometimes iTunes shows that you need to purchase the item. However as long as you sign in with the same iTunes ID and weren’t refunded just accept the purchase and iTunes will reply with a message saying you already own it and can download for free.

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Ok but i have one more problem and I dont know if its bigger. My ipad and appstore are all on my school email but my school email will go away in 3-4 months does that mean that i lost everything? Every game that i bought and / or the planes in infinite flight?

Yes, everything you have will disappear with your school account. A life lesson: never use your school email or account on the App Store or anything not related to school. Your school email should be used when you’re in school or you’re doing school related work :/

If we are talking about your iTunes account, you will need to change the email address you use for your existing ID. If you are not clear on how, contact iTunes to request help to change the email associated with your account. You only would “lose” things if you delete the iTunes account and start a new one, rather than just making a email change for the existing account settings.


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