767-400ER Delta 2015 BCRF Livery

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The 2015 BCRF livery is a cancer awareness livery like the 2010 BCRF livery. However instead of being all pink, it kept its blue and has a pink ribbon flying across the Aircraft and spreading awareness. I think it’s a pretty cool and just the way of saying that they are supporting cancer survivors, and making awareness around the world is amazing.

What is BCRF

The B767

Who or what is delta

The cool checklist!

Will this support the BCRF and also support Cancer survivors? ✅

Will it look fantastic? ✅

Will it add more special liveries to the fleet ✅

Diversity of other special liveries ✅

I hope you agree on me with this livery

Here’s a closeup

I had a chance to see this aircraft at KJFK a few days ago. Stunning livery. You got my vote!


It means a lot to me.

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