767-300ER KIAD ~ Rainy Takeoff (Flying during the Pandemic)

This is an especially interesting video! Why, well. This flight took place earlier in June in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic in the US. Because of this many regulations were put into place in order to prevent the continuous spread of the virus. During this flight, there were many interesting things. For example, before takeoff, we had to sit in the penalty box (Basically a holding pattern on the ground) as there was an unusually huge amount of traffic for takeoff. Also, you could see a lot of united 73’s and CRJ’s parked at the aprons. During the flight, you would have to wear your masks throughout the entire flight as it was mandatory, except we eating and drinking.

In the middle of the flight, you would receive some food. The food came in the form of a snack box. There were also many different choices of snack boxes. The different snack boxes I think would usually reflect a specific city in the United States which I thought was particularly interesting. Drinks were served as well.

Well, here is the video!

I really hope you enjoy it!

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Nice pictures! Hope you stay safe!

Best regards!

Awesome that you got to fly on the 767. I love that aircraft.

Thankyou, stay safe too! 😀

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I know right! This plane will for sure be completely retired in the next 5-10 years, and I am really glad to fly on this bird again. Shame AC retired that plane.

I enjoyed the video, and it’s interesting how things can still operate throughout the pandemic. Thanks for making the video!

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You are very welcome! Thankyou for stopping by.

Very cool video and well put together. I enjoyed watching it a lot! Such a different but exhilarating experience taking off in the rain.

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Yes defiantly! I love takeing of in an airplane with rain. It just makes the experience so much more thrilling and exhilarating.

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Imagine in the future if we could take off in the rain in Infinite Flight …

No speculation there, just hopes for the future.

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Ikr! It would be soo cool! I think with the addition of Project Metal coming along well, it will be in IF for sure.

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Nice video. Can’t wait until we get ☁️ in Infinite flight!

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Great video it is so cool with all the rain! Hope IF gets this soon! Where were you flying to?

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This was a flight down to KLAX from KIAD 😀

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Sammmee!! 😂

Noice! Bet that was fun to get to be on a 767 before they retire them all :(

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Yeah, it was a wonderful expirience!

When Hawaiian retired their 767 fleet seemingly out of the blue, I may have shed a tear or two.

It truly is a shame that airlines do not see how much potential the 767 can still have. But unfortunately, airlines nowadays are hellbent on being in the lead for the most cheapskate airline on the planet. And we wonder why aircraft nowadays have lifespans that are now reduced to 10 or less years because technology is making them almost obsolete after one month.

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Yeah, absolutely. This is so true. I really wish airlines could just keep 1 or two retrojets as a commemoration to their service.

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These airlines don’t realize that if they actually took the time and effort to give these old aircraft proper maintenance and check-ups, they could possibly last upwards of 40-80 years. The DC-3, and 737-200 come to mind.

Will it be expensive, yes it would. But an overwhelming majority of passengers love the 767.

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