767-300 Taca Airline livery

Good Morning community, this morning I have a request for the livery my homeland airline once flew. The reason I’m putting this up for vote is because, I found previous topics where the livery had been requested for the airbus 320. As I see different airplanes being reworked and updated I would love to see the 767-300 with working instruments and some of the great liveries that the 767 has worn. Taca airline was the first airline in the Caribbean and Central America to fly the 767-300 wide body, the airline merged in 2012 with Avianca and had most of the fleet repainted to the Avianca livery. The livery can be used also for the A320 and E190, help me out guys, its about time the 767-300 gets a fresh paint job.

Why do I want this livery? Well apart from the rework the 767-300 needs, it would be nice to see the livery that I grew up seeing when I would take relatives to the airport. It’s our identity ( Central America) as the airline had its operating branches in our neighboring counties such as Honduras Guatemala Nicaragua and Costa Rica. We do have Avianca liveries on the simulator but I have the hope of having this feature request fulfilled.

My home airport El Salvador International Airport San Oscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdamez (Aeropuerto Internacional de El Salvador) serves 20 different countries with direct and connecting flights in between the US and latin America.

Below the 767-300 in LAX.
credit to: https://www.airliners.net/photo/TACA/Boeing-767-3S1-ER/24811


Taca Airlines in MIA.
credit to: https://www.airliners.net/photo/TACA/Boeing-767-3S1-ER/59850

Im impressed that this is not a duplicate lol.

Nice livery, but Im out of votes :(

BTW, Vote for the Rework Here :)

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thank you, I voted for it a while back. I was hoping it got reworked along with the 757 but it didn’t. The livery had been requested for the A320, I’m asking for it on the 767 but Taca did have A320 in the livery.