767-300 or 777-300ER?

If you like an aircraft with proper physics, cabin lights, the 777-300ER is for you. If you are new to IF and want to fly a lighter and an easier aircraft, the 767-300 is for you. I recommend the 777-300ER because it has updated physics, which makes the simulator more realistic. The 767 is an easy aircraft to fly in. You can make smooth landings in it. However, I still recommend the 777 because it has plenty of liveries to choose from and it has updated physics plus cabin lights :)


The 777-300er is bigger and has auto landing.

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I’d get 767 but that’s just because one of my favourite planes but 777 has more features in IF

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Okay, so I will get the iTunes Card today and get the planes. 777-300ER wins!

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