767-300 or 767-300ER

I have always been wondering if our 767 is the 767-300 or the ER. Can someone clarify this?


I have never heard of the 767-300 not ER. Is the difference just the fuel capacity or are there any other differences?


ER stands for extended range.


Hey! I believe they’re a few differences. As the ER stands for Extended Range it’ll have larger fuel tanks hence can fly further.


The most common way to tell them apart is if it has winglets or not


I think we have both the 767-300 and the 767-300ER because some have winglets and some dont


I have been on both with Air Canada Rouge!
from CYUL-LGAV it was a 300ER
from LGAV-CYUL is was a 300
I like the 300ER more because I felt it to be more spacious

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I don’t think that’s entirely the case @Jack_Q.

You are correct, most 767-300 aircraft with blended winglets are extended-range models in the Western World. However, winglets weren’t made a standard on most ER aircraft until later, and were added at a later date by third part source or not at all. The point of winglets is to reduce drag, CO2 emissions and other bad things. Airlines retrofitted their 767-300ER aircraft with winglets for longevity, and as the -300ER is the most popular of the six Boeing 767 variants, it’s also the variant most frequently seen with winglets, alongside its cargo variant - the -300F/ERF.

Air Canada and British Airways are one of the few airlines that haven’t retrofitted their 767-300ERs with blended winglets - both carriers have since retired their 767 fleet. The Infinite Flight 767 that we have today is of the -300ER - including liveries with and without winglets.

@DanVenezuela to reiterate what was said by the helpful members above, the 767-300 and 767-300ER (extended-range) mostly differ internally (performance, seating, etc). The notable differences would be:

MTOW (Maximum-TakeOff-Weight)

Boeing 767-300: 350,000lbs.

Boeing 767-300ER: 412,000lbs.


Boeing 767-300: 3900nmi. (7200km.)

Boeing 767-300ER: 5980nmi. (11070km.)

You can find a plethora of other differences below. 👍


It isnt. The weight capacity for the model is that of a 767-300ER. That’s your answer OP. Simply put it is the 767-300ER in IF but it is named as the 767-300. No need for everyone discussing non factors about the what a 767 is IRL.

Very true, it’s the same thing with the 737-900.

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