767-300 "Captain" View Missing

Device: Google Pixel 6
Operating System: Android 12

Hello! I noticed that whenever using the 767-300 in-game now, the “Captain” Cockpit view, along with any other view from within the flight deck, is gone. Was this done in 22.5/or a different update, or is it a bug?

I tried respawning/restarting a few times, which did not fix it. If a screenshot is needed please let me know.


The cockpit view was removed on purpose from several legacy aircraft a few updates back. I also wondered the same thing when I noticed haha

Awesome, thanks!

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One thing that you can do is to move to the interior free cam - you can get the same view and the flexibility to move around!! It works awesome

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Yep, will do! Great idea, thanks for the suggestion!

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No problem!! Hope it works!!

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