The Boeing 767-200 is a twin-engined medium to long range airliner. It can go up to 850 KM/H carrying up to a crew of 2 and 290 passengers at a range of 9,400 NM and a service ceiling of 43,100 feet AGL.
It is 48,5 M long and has a wing span of 47 M.
It’s first flight was in 1981 and it is still in production! It’s ICAO code is B762 and one variant of it is the 767-200ER. It has an empty weight of 177,000 lbs, a max takeoff weight of 300,000 lbs and a max landing weight of 270,000 lbs.
On the 767-200, only SAS, Malev, Royal Brunei and JASDF AWACA planes are equipped with fuel dump.
Credit: Boeing

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