757fan's Tracking Thread (CLOSED)

That’s okay, I was with New York approach but he had no idea what he was doing, so I contacted you farther away than normal. I was only with you for a few minutes but I will say you did good :)

Now open at VHXX!
Landing/dep. runway 13.
Pattern work allowed but make sure you fly the approach correctly. (If you want I can rate the landings too!)

Closed as nobody showed up, will try moving to a busier place.

Open at KSFO!
Landing 10L/10R and 19L/19R, same for departures.
No pattern work allowed.

Coming now

Now closed!
We got some really strong winds here, lots of crosswind landings gone wrong. Congrats to Alex Sutcliffe for doing a very good one in the A320 though!

Now open at KJFK approach!
04L/R and 31L/R are the current runways for landings.

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