757fan's Tracking Thread (CLOSED)

Open at KLGA!
Departing runways 04/31.
Landing runway 04 (31 for expressway visual only).
Pattern work allowed (04 only)!

Passed my written exam, now training for practical.

Continuing from:


Make sure you contact mod to close the older one you can’t edit the title.

I will swing by for some patterns!

I’ll be right down.

For some reason people on the ground at JFK are contacting me…

Just send them to the right frequency

Unfortunately controlling near JFK on training has it’s downsides

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Ayeee! Home airport, on the way for some patterns! 👏🏻

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@Joseph_Spinner Sorry for not responding to your request, I was looking for a command that would allow you to prepare to land at 31 but wouldn’t give you clearance yet since you still are not close enough yet.

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Hey man, sorry for some of the training server quality pilots (no one on this thread)


  • Good transition, but a little high - Transitions should be cleared 500-1000ft above pattern altitude, so 3000 would have been perfect in this case
  • Good pattern entries and you are issuing the proper clearances
  • Landing clearances were always last minute - you can clear me for the option/for landing when I’m on downwind

The general rule you want to follow with inbounds/pattern aircraft is (pattern entry if it applies), sequence, clear and you’re done. Doing this will help you a lot on your practical. If I’m the only one in the pattern, you can clear me as soon as I leave the ground. Getting clearances out of the way makes pattern work much less stressful! I’m going to come back and do some more patterns with @Sebastian9915 so you can have more than one plane in your pattern.


Remember to sequence - sequence me after N2003A this time around (Clearing me 2 for the option doesn’t count)

Hey man sorry I’m on my tablet and unfortunately lost my WiFi connection on my takeoff but I’ll try to make it the next time you open 🙂. Also, I’d say that I could’ve made it before the aircraft on the visual landed but it’s all good.

You have to sequence those who took off from your airport and are doing patterns as well, before clearance every time :) As in “Callsign, number 3, traffic to follow is on left downwind” (reply from Callsign) “Callsign, number 3, cleared for the option runway 31” (reply)

Of course the CRJ I asked to expedite exiting the runway stopped on it and then slowly left the runway…
This Air Force guy is also stating he is departing straight out while looping back for patterns… ugh.

@757fan you almost have it right, it’s just backwards; Sequence, and then clear :D

Oh god a 744 just spawned in…

Welcome to training, lol. Also, it’s the pilot’s responsibility to maintain spacing in the pattern, so you don’t need to give speed commands (slowest practical) If you want to get departures out, use “I’ll call your base” and not go around

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Closing in 2 minutes! Finish off your patterns everybody!

Now closed! Thank you and good day!

Good job man, you’re way better now than when I first got here. If you haven’t already, get yourself an ATC trainer and tell them you want to make sure your pattern work is up to par, they’ll help you with anything and everything. I wouldn’t have passed my practical without my trainer!

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